#17’s Silver Linings 

It’s been said that “every cloud has a silver lining,”

and that even the worst of life’s events have a positive aspect.

For Anthony, the bonds, goals, and triumphs came through sports.

Through his battle with brain cancer, the bonds and the meaning behind them were strengthened.


#17’s Silver Linings are focused on “paying it forward” to others and reminding us that bonds not only unite, but also ignite comfort, spirit, and positivity when dealing with challenging problems and difficult times.

The commemorative Team17Strong logo recognizes the Silver Linings concept and those who support the effort of helping others.

                                         Anthony's Initiatives  


* Provide financial assistance and support to families with a child who

is experiencing a life-threatening medical condition. 


* Generate funds and awareness for medical research.


* Provide support  to non-profit organizations

that aim to improve the health and lives of others.