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To join The Anthony Myers Movement as a donor, spirit sponsor or corporate sponsor, please make checks payable to:


The Anthony Myers Movement

1518 N. 15th Street

Reading, PA 19604


2022 Donors 

Anthony's Club

$17(+) Donations

Jacky Bannister

Paul Carabello

Harold & Teresa Drexel

Daniel & Marcella Flannery

Ryan Gonzalez

Patricia & Michele Murphy

April Rippeon

Dan Rundle

Mark Symanowicz

Anthony's Team

$50(+) Donations

Amanda & Chad Behe

Harry & Carol Bentz

Patricia Brenner

Kim Cataldi

Lois & Richard Flannery

Jennifer Toplak-Kopp

Anthony's All-Division

$100(+) Donations


Sara Di Blasi

Boyertown Area H.S. Faculty & Staff

DeeDee Burke

Jacqueline & Pete Hearing

Bill & Robin Hess

Jen & Steve Hynes

Amanda Lutz

Ruth Lutz

Trisha McGrann

Mark & Janice McKeehan

Kathy Metrick

Patricia & Michele Murphy

Bishop Shanahan High School

Beth Ann Siteman

Lewis & Rose Quaglia

Celeste Wilson

Anthony's All-League

$200(+) Donations

Berks Catholic High School

Therese Brennan

Paul Impellizzeri

Kevin & Ruth Price

Rachel & Dan Trzaska

Anthony's All-Pro

$500 - $1,000(+) Donations

John & Terri Brown

Christine & Kevin Franey

Tim Green

Kutztown HS Boys Soccer Team

Manheim Central Football Booster Club

Sherry Migliore

Dave & Nicole Myers

Ed & Jessica Myers

ST. Ignatius Loyola Regional School

Mike & Kathy Schorn

EG & Klara M Smith Foundation

      2022 Event & Spirit Sponsors

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