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Braelynn McCarroll

Braelynn is nine years old and lives in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  She was diagnosed a week after Easter 2023 with Stage 2 Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma.  Braelynn is currently receiving weekly chemotherapy in Danville at Geisinger Medical Center.  She will continue to undergo treatments to keep the tumor from growing.  Braelynn is an honor roll student, and has been selected twice as student of the month.  Braelynn is an energetic young girl who enjoys going to summer camp, riding her bike, coloring and singing.  Braelynn has such a positive attitude and continues to share her smile with anyone she meets.

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Xavier Rivera
  2021 - 2023

Xavier is seven years old and has Neurofibromatosis, which is type 1 (NF1). He has multiple tumors inside his body and he also has a traech in his throat to breathe, due to a tumor that causes respiratory issues. Xavier's tumors lie near major organs, which limits the type of care that doctors can provide. For stability purposes, Xavier remains on chemo pills, and has done so for more than four years. Xavier continues to be a happy kid and full of energy.  His family continues to pray everyday and is thankful for another day with him, everyday.

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 Chloe Nolf  
2022 - 2023

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  Paisley Miller 



Paisley is an energetic and creative little girl who loves gymnastics, cheerleading, lacrosse, diving, and  playing with her friends in the neighborhood. When Paisley isn’t at one of her sports or playing with her friends, she can be found singing country music and playing with her dog Paisley. On September 12th, 2022, Paisley was diagnosed with stage 2 Ependymoma. Paisley was treated by the phenomenal care team at PSU Hershey, including her incredible neurosurgeon, Dr. Iontosca, who was able to remove the tumor. While recovering, she received great care from the PSU Hershey ICU team including Nurses Molly and Amanda. Dr. Shah, her pediatric oncologist, has been a guiding light. Paisley will continue to undergo treatments to keep the tumor from returning. Paisley is a strong, determined girl with grit and resilience. She and her family continue to fight to get her healthy and active, again.

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 Addison Marie Valentin

Addison Marie has a condition called tricuspid atresia.This little heart warrior had a very rough beginning and she is still fighting hard. Started out her first few hours on a breathing machine, started on ECMO, and ultimately rushed to the OR for a shunt placement. Addison was on and off the ventilator three times since then, developed necrotizing enterocolitis, and has undergone a cardiac cath to get some better answers and hopefully interventions to keep her more stable until her next open heart surgery Addison is an amazing, sweet girl who feels all the love from every single one of you. She is so blessed to be apart of such an amazing, caring family. Efforts are underway to help bring Addie closer to home as soon as possible, and to help the family visit, stay with, and care for her in the hospital setting. 

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Maci Rarick

Maci is a spunky 18 month old who was diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia the day before Thanksgiving 2021.  During her time in the hospital, she was diagnosed also with Covid, RSV, astrovirus and currently is being treated for pneumonia. She is such a brave, strong and independent girl. She is crawling and working on gaining her strength to walk again. She is a fierce, spit fire of a toddler and will beat this cancer with her friends and family by her side!


 Logan Alkons

Logan is 4 years old and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. Logan was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma (T-LL) in November of 2019. His favorite things are baking, legos, gardening, and learning about nature. Even now, Logan has a very positive outlook on life and doesn't let much get him down. He had been a pre-K student at St. Catharines in Mount Penn but has had to withdraw this year due to his treatments. He is looking forward to going back to school next year. He gets most of his treatments at CHOP in King of Prussia and is a favorite with the nurses and doctors there. This is because he is always so happy and goofy with everyone he meets. 


    Carson Barron
       2019 - 2022           

Carson is a USC Trojans fan who resides in Tamaqua, PA with his family. On October 31, 2017, when he was 16, Carson was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his right leg. He immediately started chemotherapy in Philadelphia at The University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. He endured 9 treatments followed by an 8-hour surgery to remove the tumor in his right leg. During the procedure, he underwent a complete knee replacement and a metal rod was surgically placed in his lower leg. After the surgery, Carson endured 9 more aggressive chemotherapy treatments. He is making strong strides, but due to his medical condition, he can longer compete in sports. Carson continues with hospital visits and medical procedures to gauge tumor activity. He was a great football and baseball player prior to his cancer diagnosis. He continues to serve as an inspiration to others. 


  SirFranklin Wheeling Jr.

Franky is 12 years old and lives in Reading, PA. Franky was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer called Pineoblastoma, stage 4, early in 2021. He has 2 sisters, and all three kids keep their mom on her toes. Franky loves football and is a big Steelers fan! He wants to be a football player when he grows up! When Franky is not in school, he is often found playing video games and staying busy around the house. Although the Reading School District is in hybrid learning mode in 2021 and Franky is undergoing treatment, he pops onto his virtual classes and brings a smile and good conversations to his classmates and teachers. Franky is wise beyond his years and is a great friend and student. Franky has a lot of love locally from his immediate family and school, and additionally, he certainly feels the love from his friends and family that live outside the Reading area.

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     Travis Reese
       2019 - 2021

Travis, age 16, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of T Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Halloween of 2018. The Reese family of Gilbertsville including Travis’s mother Sandy, brother Thomas, and sister Laurel continue to work together in supporting Travis. Travis has undergone induction chemotherapy and continues to progress through the phases of intense chemotherapy, but he has hit some stumbling blocks along the way. Travis undergoes monthly spinal taps and has endured several other invasive procedures. He receives intrathecal, intravenous, and oral chemotherapies. Travis is a high honor student with athletic and theatrical interests, all of which have been put on hold due to his diagnosis. 


Anonymous Recipient

  Emma Munger

Emma is 14 years old and lives in Robesonia, Pennsylvania. She was diagnosed on November 1, 2019 with High Risk B Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is in 9th grade and is a Conrad Weiser Cheerleader. Her biggest supporter is her brother, Wyatt! She is being tutored at home due to not being able to go to school. Through the pain she has gone through so far, she always keeps a smile on her face and stays positive with laughter! The cheerleading squad named her MightyMunger.

Emma Munger.png

  Caden Davis

Caden is 10 years old and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. Caden was diagnosed with A.L.L when he was 8 years old. Treatments have been difficult, but Caden is still able to do the things he loves. Caden loves spending time with his friends and swimming competitively. He was able to qualify for the county swim championships! Caden’s path has not been easy, but with support from family, friends, and the community, he is able to stay positive and stay strong! 

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