Travis, age 16, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of T Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia on Halloween of 2018. The Reese family of Gilbertsville including Travis’s mother Sandy, brother Thomas, and sister Laurel continue to work together in supporting Travis. Travis has undergone induction chemotherapy and continues to progress through the phases of intense chemotherapy, but he has hit some stumbling blocks along the way. Travis undergoes monthly spinal taps and has endured several other invasive procedures. He receives intrathecal, intravenous, and oral chemotherapies. Travis is a high honor student with athletic and theatrical interests, all of which have been put on hold due to his diagnosis. 



Caden is 10 years old and lives in Reading, Pennsylvania. Caden was diagnosed with A.L.L when he was 8 years old. Treatments have been difficult, but Caden is still able to do the things he loves. Caden loves spending time with his friends and swimming competitively. He was able to qualify for the county swim championships! Caden’s path has not been easy, but with support from family, friends, and the community, he is able to stay positive and stay strong! 

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Carson is a USC Trojans fan who resides in Tamaqua, PA with his family. On October 31, 2017, when he was 16, Carson was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his right leg. He immediately started chemotherapy in Philadelphia at The University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. He endured 9 treatments followed by an 8-hour surgery to remove the tumor in his right leg. During the procedure, he underwent a complete knee replacement and a metal rod was surgically placed in his lower leg. After the surgery, Carson endured 9 more aggressive chemotherapy treatments. He is making strong strides, but due to his medical condition, he can longer compete in sports. Carson continues with hospital visits and medical procedures to gauge tumor activity. He was a great football and baseball player prior to his cancer diagnosis. He continues to serve as an inspiration to others.